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I don’t like President Obama. I have no respect for the man’s ability to lead, I strongly object to his “progressive” view and I hope that his reign of ignorance comes to an end very…very soon. That being said, my only wish for him is that he go back to Illinois and pursue a career he can handle (let’s admit it, the Peter Principle would have kicked in long ago if he hadn’t been allowed to “jump” the line). You know – dog catcher, tax collector, stuntman, etc. – something that would allow him to utilize his true talents. The most important job he has is to be a father to his kids and he has a lot of room to grow in that area.

Now listen to a few left-wing nutjobs and their comments about the Tea Party, Judge Clarence Thomas and Glenn Beck. Once you’ve watched the video ask yourself – what if the same comments were made by Tea Party members about Obama? There might have been comments about “getting him out of there”, etc., but nothing that would sink nearly as far as the blind, drug induced, racist comments included here (though I guess you can’t be completely surprised since this “gathering” was held in California).


Obama made a comment yesterday (directed at people who don’t agree with his policies) stating they should be saying “thank you” for his recent actions to bankrupt our country and leave it in a shambles for future generations.  In a way that is certainly true – his continued disregard for our economy and citizens paints a clear picture what we all have to do in the coming months to stop him from sabotaging this country even further. Another thing that is very disappointing about our temporary leader is his absolute ignorance and arrogance at mocking U.S. citizens who simply don’t agree with his policies – there is no racism, regardless of what mass media and far-left democrats would have you believe.  Yes, Mr. President, we do say “thank you” – and we’ll repeat it often as you continue adding more fuel to our fire.