A “Thank You” Is In Order…

Posted: April 17, 2010 in General Nonsense

Obama made a comment yesterday (directed at people who don’t agree with his policies) stating they should be saying “thank you” for his recent actions to bankrupt our country and leave it in a shambles for future generations.  In a way that is certainly true – his continued disregard for our economy and citizens paints a clear picture what we all have to do in the coming months to stop him from sabotaging this country even further.  www.cnn.com Another thing that is very disappointing about our temporary leader is his absolute ignorance and arrogance at mocking U.S. citizens who simply don’t agree with his policies – there is no racism, www.youtube.com regardless of what mass media and far-left democrats would have you believe.  Yes, Mr. President, we do say “thank you” – and we’ll repeat it often as you continue adding more fuel to our fire. www.hotair.com


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